Ruckers Harpsichord

Flemish Single Harpsichord (decorated in french style)

For many people this harpsichord is unsurpassed with respect to timbre, brilliant and transparent, suitable for a wide range of repertoire.

The secret of the Ruckers harpsichord is in having found the ideal proportions for the soundboard, such that many French harpsichord makers of the 18th century copied these instruments.

In this version the keyboard is extended as required by the baroque repertoire (five octaves).

The register controls, originally located on the flank, can be placed on the front panel, in the French style.

This instrument is almost identical to the previous two-manual model, but is slightly shorter and lacks the 4’ register.

Nevertheless it is an extremely versatile instrument particularly suitable for concerted music, especially chamber groups.

The instrument can be decorated with a marbleized case and Flemish paper inside the case, in the Flemish tradition, or with gilding in the French style.

  • Original: Johannes Ruckers, Antwerp 1638
  • Dimensions: cm. 220 x 98 x 29
  • Compass: FF-f3 (61 notes)
  • Disposition: one keyboard, 8’8′ (4′ on request), lute
  • Pitch: a = 415 Hz, transposable +/- one semitone (440/392 Hz)
  • Materials: case in lime, soundboard in spruce (from Val di Fiemme), keyboard in spruce covered with ebony and bone (reverse keyboard on request), registers and bridges in beech, jacks in service
  • Decoration: painted case, with gilded bands and mouldings, ruckers paper inside keywell and case, gilded rose on the soundboard
  • Stand with four turned legs


Two colors painting
Key covers with ebony (naturals) and bone (sharps),
or bone (naturals) and ebony (sharps)
Hand carved Keyfronts in parchment, after Ruckers
Ruckers paper inside the lid, with latin Mottos
Marble decoration on the case
Decorated Sounboard
Oil painting inside the Lid
Balustrade Stand
Stand with six turned legs, in style Louis XVI
Bench with adjustable height, standard or in style
Transport cover