Fretted Clavichord Hubert

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This clavichord is “fretted”, that is the same string produces two different notes, one semitone apart. In this way less strings are needed, with a big advantage regarding instrument size, semplicity in tuning, and less pressure on the sounboard, with a very robust and singing sound.

Christian Gottlob Hubert (1714-1793) was one of the most famous clavichord builders of the 18th century. He built organs, harpsichords and fortepianos, but only a few of his clavichords have survived to this day.

  • Original: Christian Gottlob Hubert, Ansbach 1784
  • Dimensions: cm 131 x 36 x 12
  • Compass: C-f3 (54 notes)
  • Original compass: C-f3 (54 notes)
  • Disposition: one keyboard, 8′, double fretted
  • Pitch: a = 415 or 440 Hz
  • Materials: case in walnut or cherry, bottom and soundboard in spruce (from Val di Fiemme), bridge in pearwood, keyboard in lime covered with ebony and bone
  • Decoration: varnished wood
  • Stand with four turned legs


Bench with adjustable height, standard or in style
Transport cover

Listen to this instrument:

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