Deutsches Cembalo

Harpsichord Mietke, standard version

Deutsches Cembalo

Harpsichord Mietke, decorated version

Deutsches Cembalo

Harpsichord Mietke, with stand of maple

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Harpsichord Mietke, version facsimile

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Deutsches Cembalo

German Harpsichord Mietke-Gräbner

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The original of this instrument belonged to Frederick the Great (and is still today located in the castle of Charlottenburg in Berlin), who employed C.P.E. Bach. Carl Philipp’s father, Johann Sebastian Bach, used this instrument to perform his Musical Offering.

Bach probably contacted Mietke personally to commission some instruments, providing instructions for their construction.

This instrument, ideal for the Bach repertoire, has a warm and intimate timbre, well balanced between bass and treble (hence ideal for the delineation of voices in contrapuntal writing).

Upon request it can be built with a natural wood case (cherry or walnut).

  • Original: Michael Mietke, Berlin about 1700
  • Dimensions: cm. 234 x 98 x 29
  • Compass: FF-f3 (61 notes)
  • Disposition: two keyboards, with shove coupler, 8’8’4′, lute
  • Pitch: a = 415 Hz, transposable +/- one semitone (440/392 Hz)
  • Materials: case in lime, bottom and soundboard in spruce (from Val di Fiemme), keyboards in spruce covered with ebony and bone, registers and bridges in beech, jacks in service.
  • Decoration: painted case, with gilded bands and mouldings
  • Stand with four turned legs


Parchment rose on the soundboard
Two colors painting
Decorated Sounboard
Oil painting inside the Lid
Case in natural wood (Walnut)
Stand with eight legs and base, copy after the original
Stand with six carved legs, after Gräbner
Case decorated with Chinoserie
Bench with adjustable height, standard or in style
Transport cover

Listen to this instrument:

William Horn

PlayJ.S. Bach, Sonata BWV 1019/4
Andrea Marcon

PlayJ.S. Bach, Prelude D Major BWV 936
Peter Pendzig

PlayJ.S. Bach, Prelude d minor BWV 935
Peter Pendzig

PlayJ.S. Bach, Prelude F Major BWV 927
Peter Pendzig