STUDIO harpsichord

STUDIO Harpsichord

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STUDIO harpsichord

STUDIO Harpsichord, double


In order to reach a wider range of clientele, I have been planning and making a simpler harpsichord for a few years now, which is absolutely perfect for a student, but also absolutely suitable for concerts.

These instruments, a Spinet, and a Harpsichords with single and double manuals, I have called STUDIO. The price is affordable for many people, so that a possibly long cherished, beautiful dream can be fulfilled with it.

The STUDIO harpsichord is inspired by a Flemish harpsichord by J. Ruckers (Antwerp, 1638), preserving its main structural and acoustic characteristics. Some decorative elements have been eliminated.

The parts responsible for the production of sound (soundboard, bridges) and for the action (jacks, keyboard, registers) are in solid wood (spruce, beech, service wood) and are identical to those used in the more advanced models.

The instrument is available in the following versions:
one keyboard, two registers 8′ 8′, lute
two keyboards, three registers 8′ 8′ 4´, lute

Personalized decoration is available upon request.

  • Dimensions: cm 226 x 93 x 32
  • Double cm 240 x 93 x 32
  • Weight: Kg 55 / Double Kg 63
  • Compass: FF-f3 (61 notes)
  • Disposition: one keyboard, two 8′ registers, lute / two keyboards, three registers 8’8’4′, lute
  • Pitch: A = 415 Hz, transposable +/- one semitone (440/392 Hz)
  • Materials: case in plywood (poplar), soundboard in spruce from Val di Fiemme, keyboard
    in spruce with key tops in boxwood and walnut, registers and bridges in beech, jacks in service wood
  • Finishing: painting and gilding
  • Disassemblable stand. Removable lid


Gilded bands on the case and inner lid
Rucker paper inside teh case
Gilded rose on the soundboard
Two colors painting
Key covers with ebony (naturals) and bone (sharps),
or bone (naturals) and ebony (sharps)
Ruckers paper inside the lid, with latin Mottos
Decorated Sounboard
Oil painting inside the Lid
Bench with adjustable height, standard or in style
Transport cover

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