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In order to reach a wider range of clientele, I have been planning and making a simpler harpsichord for a few years now, which is absolutely perfect for a student, but also absolutely suitable for concerts.

These instruments, a Spinet, and a Harpsichords with single and double manuals, I have called STUDIO. The price is affordable for many people, so that a possibly long cherished, beautiful dream can be fulfilled with it.

The Spinet STUDIO is an elaboration of a little Spinet from Italian tradition, so called “Ottavino” (i.e. 4 ‘sounding).
This instrument is very suitable for those who want to discover for the first time the Harpsichord world. It is of course absolutely perfect for frequent transport (even with a small car) and for small rooms.

  • Original: Anonymous italian, 16th century
  • Dimensions: cm 133 x 75 x 23,5
  • Weight: Kg 28
  • Compass: BB-f3 (55 notes)
  • Original compass: C/E-f3 (45 notes)
  • Disposition: one keyboard, 8′, Lute
  • Pitch: a = 415 Hz, transposable +/- one semitone (440/392 Hz)
  • Materials: case in plywood (poplar), soundboard in spruce (from Val di Fiemme), keyboard in spruce with key tops in boxwwod and walnut, register and bridges in beech, jacks in service
  • Decoration: painted case or furnished
  • Stand with three screwed legs


Listen to this instrument:

William Horn

PlayJ.S.Bach, Prelude C Major
William Horn