Französisches Cembalo

Französisches Cembalo

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This instrument, a french Harpsichord by Pascal Taskin, is considered a classic of the golden age of the harpsichord in France.

It has a silvery timbre with a very sweet initial attack, absolutely ideal for French music with its rich bass and elaborate flourishes.

This instrument can be supplied with a fourth register with a muffled tone, the so-called “peau de buffle”.

  • Original: Pascal Taskin, Paris 1769
  • Dimensions: cm. 238 x 98 x 29
  • Weight: Kg 75
  • Compass: FF-f3 (61 notes)
  • Disposition: two keyboards, with shove coupler, 8’8’4′, lute (optional “peau de buffle”)
  • Pitch: a = 415 Hz, transposable +/- one semitone (440/392 Hz)
  • Materials: case in lime, soundboard in spruce (from Val di Fiemme), keyboards in spruce covered with ebony and bone, registers and bridges in beech, jacks in service
  • Decoration: painted case, with gilded bands, rose on the soundboard
  • Stand with four turned legs


Register “Peau de Buffle”
Two colors painting
Decorated Sounboard
Oil painting inside the Lid
Stand with six turned legs, in style Louis XVI
Stand with six carved legs, in style Louis XV
Bench with adjustable height, standard or in style
Transport cover

Listen to this instrument:

PhotogalleryJ.Ph.Rameau, Entretien des muses
Gustav Leonhardt